When hiring a car from Touchdown, your vehicle will come with mandatory insurance included. This comes standard with a maximum excess of $4,000. This excess can be reduced by purchasing one of our excess reduction packages:

For $30 per day the maximum excess will be reduced to $750
For $45 per day the maximum excess will be reduced to $0
Only the $45 excess reduction package includes complimentary windscreen and tyre damage repairs.

For our premium cars the standard excess is $5,000 and can be reduced to $750 for $45 per day. There is not zero excess option for premium vehicles.

The insurance coverage pertains only to the vehicle hire. Damage to any accessories hired will be the liability of the hirer. Touchdown Car Rentals takes no responsibility for damage caused to any equipment that is mounted to roof racks on our vehicles. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure skis and any other equipment are safe and secure.

Please do not leave any of our convertible hire vehicles unattended in the Arthurs Pass National Park area. Local birds called Keas will likely damage the soft top of the vehicle and this damage will not be covered by your rental insurance.